InterContinental IP

Innovation. Communication. Technology. Success.

We strive to exceed our client’s expectations and provide quality representation at competitive prices. We specialize in Intellectual Property Law and offer a number of other services related to the protection and production of your intellectual property. Results are paramount, and we invite you to view our Success - patents and trademarks we have obtained on behalf of our clients. However, our services do not end with the procurement of intellectual property rights; our relationship with our clients extends beyond obtaining a patent, trademark or copyright. We are committed to helping our clients use their intellectual property and profit from their ideas. Our services and dedication to our work extend from licensing and sales to the creation and implementation of business entities.


Innovation is what drives intellectual property. Innovation produces the unexpected. It is the reward for both hard work and good timing. Clients who partner with ICIP receive more than just legal services because we bring insight and ingenuity to all the cases we take on. ICIP combines legal knowledge with technical experience in an effort to aid our clients in obtaining property rights in inventions and idea expressions that are fresh and creative.


The world is a void without communication. Innovative ideas are meaningless if no one can learn them. Effective communication is achieved not only through technology, but personal interaction. When partnering with ICIP, the client will interact with us using quality cutting edge communication techniques allowing us to fully address our client’s need for efficient services and timely assessment of their legal needs. The easier it is for the client to communicate their needs to us, the easier it is for them to communicate their ideas to the world.


The idea of progress lies in the continual progression of technology. We all rely on technology to innovate, communicate, and succeed. It is that common thread that connects us all and enables individuals and large companies alike to compete on equal platforms. Technology is at the backbone of intellectual property and it is at the forefront of all the services that we offer to our clients.


The culmination of Innovation, Communication, and Technology. Each ingredient is carefully used to its fullest potential to create success in our clients, which after all, is how we measure our success.